Friday, January 27, 2012

Bob Long 2011/2012 G6R Paintball Marker Review, Specs, and Info

The Bob Long G6R is a popular high end marker. It is made in the United States and is the sixth generation of the Intimidator series of Bob Long markers.

The 2011 and 2012 G6R models are very similar, and are identical in shot. The only difference between the two is that the 2012 G6R has an OLED board, and a Cam Drive ASA.

The 2011 Bob Long G6R Retails for $900, while the 2012 G6R sells for $1000.

G6R Unboxing

The G6R packaging is minimal. Along with the marker itself, you receive a .685 barrel, a small o-ring kit, and a manual for the Tadao board. It DOES NOT include the Allen keys, dow55, or oil required to maintain the marker. However, they are all fairly cheap items and can be picked up at virtually any paintball store.

Although there isn't a lot included in the box, it is not a big deal as the marker only costs about $900 ($1000+ for the OLED 2012s).

Shooting the G6R

Efficiency Test

This particular video was made by TechPB.


HPR Pressure: 160-180psi
LPR Pressure: 65-75psi
Weight With Barrel: 1 lb. 13.7 oz
Weight Without Barrel: 1 lb. 8.9 oz
Estimated Shot Count: 2000+ shots (68/4500 tank and factory settings)
Trigger Activation: Micro switch
Trigger Return: Spring assist

Bob Long G6R Review

Overall, the G6R is an amazing marker. For a poppet-style gun, it has a very smooth and quiet shot while still maintaining a high efficiency. A well tuned G6R can almost shoot a full case of paint off of a full 68/4500 air tank. It has no vibration while shooting, and minimal barrel rise.

Ergonomically, the regulator is a little further out than most markers, allowing the user to get a better hold while running and gunning. The grips are not extremely soft, but comfortable nonetheless.

The G6R trigger is two point adjustable and is easy to walk. There is minimal side-to-side wobble and no trigger bounce.

Maintanence-wise, the G6R is fairly simple in comparison to other high end markers. The bolt and high pressure regulator are both tool-less, making it easy to quickly clean and lube/oil them at lunch or in between games if need be. The low pressure regulator and poppet require a bit more time to maintain, but do not need maintenance as often as the bolt and HPR.

The board has four modes: Uncapped Semi, Capped Semi, PSP Ramp, and PSP 3-Shot. The rate of fire is adjustable for all modes.

The 2011 G6Rs have an LED board, while the newer 2012s feature an OLED board.

Overall, the G6R is an amazing marker, and offers great performance for a price slightly lower than all of it's competitors. However, users must be aware that they will also need to purchase a G6R pressure tester and a SLP tank regulator in order to get the most performance out of their G6R.

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