Friday, February 3, 2012

Back Player Tips: Breaking Out to Lane

As a back player, it is your job to send a lane of paint at snake or dorito side first thing after the break. In order for your stream of paint to reach the opposition in time, your breakout form must be tuned to perfection.

The regular over-the shoulder technique is no good for a back player. This is fine for running and gunning, however it is inefficient as it requires you to swing your marker 120-160 degrees before you can begin to lane and walk towards your back center bunker.

Instead, place your marker parallel to the board, and lean back so that your tank is on your shoulder. With your marker parallel like this, you will only have to pivot your marker up 90 degrees instead of 160. This small amount will save a bit of time and get your lane up faster.

Once you have your marker parallel to the board and the tank on your shoulder, take a step forward with your dominant foot towards the back center bunker. Lean back on your other foot to keep your marker parallel. Taking the step saves more time. Why wait to move to your back center bunker after the break? Get as close as you can.

As you break out, simultaneously start towards your bunker as you pull up your marker and start firing. Again, this saves time. There is no point standing at the board and laning when you can move to your bunker while doing it. This may cause your lane to be unsteady at first, but with practice a player can learn to move a couple steps forward while sending a steady stream towards snake side.

Follow these steps and you will save a second or so breaking out. It may not seem like much, but one second could mean eliminating the oppositions snake runner or letting him into snake where he might shoot out your front players.

Gone Paintballing Blog will soon have a video on this subject, check back soon!