Saturday, January 28, 2012

Staying Organized in the Pits

In tournament paintball, the game doesn't stop with the buzzer. Teams only have two minutes to wipe off hits, collect empty pods from the game, refill air/hoppers/pods, and get the allotted number of players back on the field with markers ready to go. This can be especially difficult with no pit crew.

Failure to stay organized can result in major handicaps such as not having enough players, having limited paint/air, or gun failure. It is extremely important to have your team or pit crew run like a well oiled machine, or you will have to deal with the aforementioned issues.

Here are some ways to stay calm and organized in the pits:

Spread Out

The amount of space you have in the pits depends on the field. Some have very open pits with tables and space for every player to have their own space. Others are thin and cramped, with minimal table space.

Make the most of what you have. Designate a space for refilling pods, filling air and hoppers, wiping hits, etc. Each player should be able to move through each station and back to the field smoothly.

If there is space, set up a tech mat.


It is wise to bring multiple large bins. One for full pods, one for empty, and one for dirty pods. That way, players can toss their pods into the empty bin on their way in, and grab some fresh ones on the way out.

Keep paint in a cooler. This will keep it from getting hot and swelling, as well as making it easier to scoop into pods.


Bring LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of the essentials. Have a tool kit with Allen keys (have the chrono keys easily accessible just in case). As many microfibers as you have, and towels for wiping hits. Keep a spare setup on the side gassed up and filled up in case a gun goes down. It is generally easier to just keep the full setup aside, as it takes too much time to take off the required part and replace it.

Gun Racks

Possibly the most useful thing ever. Having gun racks/holders is extremely helpful for pit crews. Players put their gun on a rack as they come in and as they wipe off hits and get new pods from other pit crew members, another few members fill the air tanks and hoppers of the guns.

Without a focused pit crew, or organized pit plan, it is likely that a team will fail to find success in between points, which can lead to major issues on the field.