Monday, January 30, 2012

Playing Paintball in the Rain - Is it Worth it?

In a word - yes! Playing paintball in the rain can be a challenging and rewarding experience. Battling the elements adds excitement and difficulty to the sport. But in order to have fun in the rain, certain precautions must be made to keep you and your gear safe, warm, and dry.

Protect Your Marker

You will need to take good care of your marker to keep water from getting into the breach or barrel. If water gets anywhere that a paintball will pass through, the water can cause the ball to swell and break. If water gets into the electronics of the marker, it is possible to fry the board.

Use electrical tape to seal off any creases or holes near the electronics of your marker. Tape around the entire porting of the barrel to prevent moisture from entering through the holes. Tape off anywhere else where you think water could be a problem.

Protect Your Gear

If you have a lid for your loader, use it. Otherwise water will get into your loader and on paint. If you only have a speedfeed, keep your loader covered up as much as possible. Putting a cloth or empty paint bag over your hopper until the start of games helps to keep it dry.

To prevent your mask from fogging up, keep it as dry as possible when not on the field. When your actually playing, use a visor if possible or stretch your beanie over the venting. Do whatever it takes to keep water off of the lens, a fogged up lens is not only a real downer, but can be dangerous!

If you don't need to, don't throw or drop your pods after using them. Close them and put them back in your pack. Throwing them on the ground allows mud and water inside. When they are refilled, the paint will get grime on it and will chop in your marker.

Staying Dry

Bring numerous undershirts. Keep spares dry and change through out the day. It is also good to keep extra shoes, socks, and gloves handy.

Bring a raincoat or water-resistant shirt. If your playing a tournament or special event where your jersey must be worn, then wear a plastic rain poncho on between games.

If there is an option to stand in the rain or under cover, take the cover. Do what you can to stay warm and dry. Take breaks often and warm up in the proshop or in your car.

If your not having fun, go home! Sometimes it is too cold or wet to play, and it isn't worth it to waste valuable paint money on a poor day of play. But if you can stick it out, you might just have the time of your life!