Saturday, January 28, 2012

Empire Invert Mini Review

The Invert Mini paintball marker has been around for a long time, and is a very popular choice for new players looking for a speedball gun at a low price.



Weight: 1.99 lbs (including barrel and battery)
Trigger: 3-point adjustable
Barrel: 12" one piece
Operation: Pressure controlled poppet
Input Pressure: ~200 psi
Modes: NXL, PSP, NPPL, Millennium


Overall, the Invert Mini is a decent shooter for only $300. It is light and small (as advertised) which can be a huge pro, or a major con depending on your preference and hand size. In terms of shot quality, it is decent. There is vibration when shooting, which can often loosen some screws in the fore-grip every couple cases through the gun.

The Invert Mini does not have an on/off asa, so it requires some effort to screw the tank in and out when pressurized. To ease this (and protect your threads), either purchase an on/off asa or empty the tank before removing it from the marker.

The Mini is easy to maintain, and usually just requires wiping and lubing the bolt and bolt guide. The only major hassle of maintenance is if the eyes become dirty. To remove the eyes, the trigger frame, fore-grip, and a large plate must be removed. It takes five to ten minutes and isn't a big deal as long as you are patient and take care to keep your eyes clean.

Invert Mini with Empire Relay ASA and Dye Ultralite Barrel

The only upgrades that would be reccommendable for an Invert Mini would be a Lurker bolt, and New Designz Thread Saver. The lurker bolt dramatically increases efficiency and shot quality, while the NDZ Thread Saver allows the user to degas the marker without taking off the tank.

The mini is macro-less, meaning there is no hoses to crimp or break. This gives it a cleaner, smoother look and adds a bit of functionality as well.

In conclusion, the Invert Mini is a pretty good marker and if maintained properly works very well. While there are markers in the price range (such as the GOG eXTCy) that include an on/off asa, the mini works great if you have smaller hands or want the ease of use that comes with the mini.

For instructions on how to disassemble and maintain the Invert Mini, see the Invert Mini Disassembly article.

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