Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cleats 101

There are many different types of cleats. Today we are going to look at the the main types of cleats.

The main style of cleats most players will come across are either the Exalt TRX or the HK shredders. Both are good but also a little pricey. They both have very different styles, but both are top notch and will work in most conditions.

Some people may not like the price or aesthetics of the paintball branded cleats -  that is ok, it's all personal preference - but here is what to look for when buying standard cleats.

This is a very common cleat, the spikes on the bottom differ from the ones on the shredders and TRX as these will embed themselves deeper in the ground relative to others and still allow a player to move fast.

You will notice that this is a similar cleat, but with different spikes. These spikes are more suited for soft soil or mud - they dig in deeper than other cleats, giving more traction. These are a little slower to run in, so these are best suited for back players. I suggest not using these in the woods as they don’t work very well when walking on rocks and logs.

Written for GonePaintballing Blog by PROTOFTW
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