Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gone Paintballing Blog is now Recruiting!

If you enjoy writing as much as you enjoy paintball, you have come to the right page! Gone Paintballing Blog is looking for guest bloggers to contribute paintball articles to the site.

Guest bloggers can submit up to six articles to be reviewed every month. They must be paintball related and over 300 characters long. All pictures must be free of copyright restrictions, or have permission to be used. Besides those few rules, you are free to write on whatever you want. Videos are also accepted.

With your articles, you will get a signature with your name, picture, and link to your paintball-related website (such as your youtube, blog, etc). This is a great opportunity to help grow the sport of paintball, Gone Paintballing, and YOU.

All articles and videos will be reviewed for grammatical and spelling errors. Poorly constructed work will not be posted. Articles should be kept at a PG rating :)

For more information on guest blogging for Gone Paintballing, please contact me at