Wednesday, February 22, 2012

GonePaintballing Temporarily Shut Down (Good things to come!)

Hey all,

If your a guest blogger, you may have noticed that recent articles haven't been published. In fact, no articles have been added to the site for a couple days. I apologize for the inconvienciance, however I have become very busy with school work and web design. I have taken on a few large projects and therefore will have zero time to not only review and add articles, but promote GonePaintballing as a whole.

I have decided to leave the blog for a few months. It will remain up, however no articles will be posted. In a month or two when my projects are finished and I have time to properly run the blog, GonePaintballing will be RELAUNCHED with it's own design (no more silly Blogspot layout) and domain.

Maybe even a member section for guest bloggers. Who knows.

Anywho, I have to go. I also am very sorry for spelling inconvieniance wrong, I just can't get it and my spellchecker is stupid :)

~ Nate (GP Admin)