Friday, February 10, 2012

Guest Writer Introduction: xSilent/Snakestripe

Since Dangersnake made one, I guess I will too. My name on the TechPB forums is xSilent. My name is Nicholas Louie. My team, All Star Kids, knows me by Snakestripe.  I’ve been playing paintball for a solid 3 years now, and going stronger than ever. I play in New Jersey, and I mainly play at All Star Paintball, Top Gun, Paintball Authority, etc.

                  First paintball experience was in 2008, when me and my friends decided, “Hey, we should go play paintball.” Being a New York City native, we only had one place to go. NYC paintball. I watched the experienced teams go at it, and it amazed me. Everything about it appealed to me.  I looked up to those teams. A few weeks later, I go with the same group of friends. It was the same feeling, and another great time.  That night, I decided, “we should start a team.” So I told my friends and they had doubts such as “how often are you going to play anyways?” I disregarded their caveats of failure, and went ahead and bought myself a Smart Parts Ion. Upgraded the hell out of it, and now it is the gun I use when I play rentals (it’s now a mech).

                  Been playing as much as I could throughout the years, and now I practice every weekend. My friends almost consider me a paintball guru because of some good old fashioned research. I believe that through the help of GP, I will be able to spread some knowledge among paintballers.
I hope to contribute to the community as much as I could, and I can’t wait to write some other articles.

This article was written by guest blogger xSilent / Snakestripe.