Thursday, February 9, 2012

Guest Writer Introduction: Dangersnake

Since this is my first post on Gone Paintballing, I would like to introduce myself. I am 16 years old, and I am an active member on - I'm always in the newbie section. I play paintball mostly in Wisconsin, at Brewcity Paintball and The Siege Paintball. I've played about 6 times, so I want my posts to help out new players to feel comfortable and know what there getting into.

My first paintball experience started in the backyard of my dad's house. We were bored and I asked, "Can we go to Walmart and get some paintballs?" He replied with a simple ok. A few hours later, I'm standing face to face to a paintball gun for my first time. My heart was racing, my hands were shaking and sweating. I had never been shot before so my mind was overflowing with thoughts like, "How will it feel?" "Does it hurt?" and, "Will I die?" A few seconds later my mask, torso and legs were covered in paint. I realized that it didn't even hurt! I ran inside and checked out my new battle scars - dumb I know, but it was awesome at the time. After that moment I was addicted to paintball.

On the next coming weekend I went to my local paintball field
. On the way there I was so nervous, I had never played paintball before. I even thought to myself, "I'm good at Call of Duty, so its gotta count for something." No it didn't. I got there and had no clue what to do. After watching all those videos on YouTube, I forgot them all. I got shot out every game, and got only one person out within my three hours of play. But that one person made it all worth it.

I hope you guys like my first post and there will be more to come.

This post was written by guest blogger Dangersnake.


  1. welcome to Gonepaintballing blog hit me up on tech pb ProtoFtw pm we can have a chat

  2. I looked up your name in techpb and it said no matches. just look my name up or look in the newbie section for me.

    1. PROTOFTW's profile is:

      There is also a Facebook group for all guest writers.