Sunday, February 12, 2012

Story Time with Dangersnake

This will be my second post, click here to read my introduction.

After my first fail of a game, I couldn't wait to go back. Two weeks later I was back at The Siege Paintball. I was determined to get at least 5 people out that day. I also played how I wanted to - not how Mike from TechPB played, nor like Scott Kemp or Oliver Lang. I filled up my gun with paint and air, and walked down the field to await the refs "GO GO GO." 

He yelled the magic words and guess what, I got shot off the break. So I frustratingly waited for the next game. Next game was about to start in 2 minutes, so I walked back down the field and waited again for those magic words. There they were, so I decided to do a super-man dive right into snake. Soon I realized I was in the enemy "base". I saw three people and got them one by one. I felt bad for one of the guys, I had got him in the ear. 

This concludes my second story/post. I also got all three of them out to win the game. Even though I didn't reach my five man goal, getting three people out in one game is a better accomplishment in my opinion.

This post was written by guest blogger Dangersnake.