Sunday, February 12, 2012

Paintball Drills: One vs One Snap Shooting Drill (Jousting)

This is one of my favorite drills. It uses little paint and doesn't require a large field or even airball bunkers. It can be done with anyone, on any field, in any conditions. It allows players to work on skills such as snap shooting, aiming, controlling an opponent, using bunkers effectively, and predicting how your opponent will use his bunker.

As you can see, this drill is very effective. Here is how it is done:

- Choose two players who will be jousting.
- Each player goes to opposite bunkers on the field. The best bunkers to use for this drill or generally shorter, such as aztecs or mini races. If you don't have access to an airball field, try to find some thinner cover in the woods that can be used on both sides.
- When the whistle goes, both players begin to play.
- Neither player can leave their designated bunker.
- After every shot, each player must snap back into their bunker and back out before taking another shot.
- Players can stay out of their bunker, or stay in, as long as they wish. However, they can not take more than one shot in between snaps.
- It is up to your team if players should be eliminated upon one hit, multiple hits, or if they should snap battle until one person runs out of paint.

This drill is truly an amazing skill builder. It is often helpful to give each player a coach, not to tell them what their opponent is doing, but to critique their form and make sure their elbows don't drift out. Remind them to use their bunkers effectively from all sides.

Try this drill with different bunkers at different lengths away. If you are working with new players, start with large bunkers such as cans, spread a good distance across the field. This way, each player has more time to react to oncoming paintballs and snap back in. As they progress, move to closer and smaller bunkers.

Feel free to edit this drill as you so choose. You can allow players to move to different bunkers, or allow multiple shots between snaps. Choose whatever you think will allow players to improve the most

Hopefully this drill works as well with your team as it did with mine!