Thursday, October 11, 2012

Machine Vapor: New High End Paintball Marker Review, Information, and Pictures

Machine Paintball is a relatively new brand on the paintball market, but their just released marker - The Machine Vapor - has been a big hit among spoolie lovers. Here is some more information on the Vapor:

MSRP: $1,650 USD
Efficiency: ~1450 shots per 68ci tank fill.
Material: Aluminum.
- Push-button bolt out back system.
- Tool-less eye covers (magnetic)
- Clamping feedneck.
- 5 peice barrel kit.
- OLED board.
- Cam driven venting ASA.
- Hose free design.

The Machine Vapor is building up a reputation an is a big competitor amongst other high end paintball markers such as the Dye DM12, Planet Eclipse Geo 3, and MacDev Clone GT. The Vapor comes in many different colours and can be found at