Monday, October 8, 2012

Virtue Spire - New Paintball Loader Overview, Pictures, and Information.

The Virtue Spire is the latest high-end electronic paintball loader to be released. As it enters the market, many players find it hard to get rid of their long-owned Rotors and Prophecys in order to test out this new product. Here is some information about the new loader to help you decide.


Price: ~$185
Height/Width: 4"
Length: 9"
Capacity: 200+ paintballs
Power: 3 AA batteries
Weight: 16 1/2 oz

Main  features:

Tool-less disassembly
The Virtue Spire can be stripped down quickly and without any use of tools for cleaning and/or changing batteries.

Low profile
The spire is only 4" tall, making it easier to maintain a low profile whether you are tucking into a dorito or hiding in the trees.

Sensor-based operation
Unlike other hoppers who use tension, sound, or break beam eyes to determine when to feed, the Virtue Spire senses the motion of the ball leaving the barrel.

Holds 200 rounds
A legitimate 200 paintballs can fit inside the Spire.

Works with brittle paint
The Spire's spring-loaded anti-jam paddles are advertised to be gentle with paint and rarely jam.

By what it advertises, the Virtue Spire will be a big competitor in the high end market, but only time will tell if it can outlast the classics.